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Friday, February 20, 2004

Where are the Voices in the Wilderness?

A strong sounding board for this blog has e-mailed me with this quesion. After reading the Rhetoric vs Reality pieces she simply asks: My question is simple: how come no one cares? Why are we the voices in the wilderness?

Very thought provoking!

There are voices in the wilderness, but they are truly in the wilderness and not heard.

They are buried by the "liberal" media, too afraid to piss off its' corporate sponsors by running quality journalism about this administration.

Rove et al have brilliantly marketed the concept that questioning what this President does is unpatriotic and helps the "terrorists".

Meanwhile Bush keeps throwing ultra right wing conservative judges at the senate. His latest is Bill Pryor, to the Eleventh Circuit federal bench.

The left is in major disarray. For the last 20 years the Right has been quietly taking towns, then counties, then state assemblies and senates with the expressed intent of being in power when the time was right, and that is at the census.

The most recent Gerrymandering had practically assured that unless this style of redistricting is thrown out in court that the Right will be in power in the Congress for the next 10 years.

I hope that the American Public wakes up off their collective asses and puts a Democrat in the White House, just to have SOME form of check and balance against the Legislative and Judicial branches.

This is a Republican Wet Dream.
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