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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Gad Zeuks! It's Thursday already!

Garsh this week has flown.

Lets see, Monday was Boys night in, and we didn't rent a movie. Got a call from Alex's Teacher during the day, so we had a little homework and Owed Work session. We did watch a couple of episodes on CrasHBOx on "on demand."

Tuesday was Super Tuesday here in NY. Spoke with Brother Greg. Voted for Edwards, kinda like my Anderson vote in 1980, in that the other guy had it in the bag but I like diversity.

So it's Kerry Vs Bush. Who would have thunk it five months ago? Well I'll tell you who. The Economist Magazine. They had Kerry picked all along, I think those guys over there are Psychic.

Its gonna be a dirty nasty drag out campaign, and in the end, the Repbulican dirty tricks club will slime Sen Kerry enough to win the election.

So prepare yourself for four more years of GWB, of fiscal irresponsiblity, jobs moving overseas, foreign relations estrangement and all the other lovely things that go with this crowd of thugs.

Last night was completely unremarkable. However I have been scanning some old pictures I found up in the attic so I'll be putting some of them up on the mikemontfort site and some here.


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