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Musings and Meanderings

Thursday, March 11, 2004

I will tell you the real reason why

I am tired is all. Work is difficult. Now that the primaries are over the "election" is already disintegrating into mud slinging.

So I took a break from blogging. Just a quick break mind you. If you don't check back on a regular basis however you may come back and find yourself a week behind. You KNOW how verbose I can be.

I'm doing the proverbial girding of the loins before the real onslaught. It's going to be a nasty tough fight. And the longer I see this brand of Republicanism in power, and meet the nasty small minded people (from forum posters to Ann Coulter herself) the more disgusted I become. These people make me very sad and very tired. Well and angry, but anger is a tireing thing. Humans were not made to be angry all the time.

I'm honestly not sure the center can hold. And you can quote me here. And it makes me very worried.

Till we speak again (very soon)
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