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Friday, March 26, 2004

One Nation under God

Everyone has a right to their opinion. Hence the raison d'etre for this and most other blogs.

But this guy sueing to stop the pledge of allegiance is fundamentally stupid. Or extremely clever. Depending upon his politics.

But first I want to say that the entire suit is JUST the sort of thing that these right wing conservatives like the Fox Network, Anne Coulter etc hang their hat on. There is no need for this. If he doesn't want to say "under God" in the pledge then he can just not say it. Don't force a nation to change what is tradition.

So my theory here is the "background noise" issue in the election year. Things like this, and the gay marriage issue polarize a nation. They put labels where they don't belong (by the above mentioned sources) and offer general ammunition to the right. So this guy's timing sux, unless he is a Conservative...

So, its a dumb thing to do and a dumb time to do it. Could I be more clear?

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