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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Open Letter to Fox News

Although I cannot expect Fox News to show a balanced outlook I would at least expect that the letters shown on your Fox News Sunday show would be filtered for facts.

I would assume that you have literally hundreds of letters to choose from regarding your roundtable discussion on the Scalia/Cheney Duck Hunt episode. Instead you choose one letter that is incorrect and one that is immaterial to the matter.

The letter stating that the Sierra Club had it out for Scalia is just plain incorrect, (they have no comment on this matter) and the Ginsberg/NOW connections is just immaterial.

So why Fox would choose a letter stating incorrectly that the Sierra Club had any comment on the Scalia/Cheney Duck Hunt?

Why choose another letter out of hundreds that is just immaterial, but also retaliatory?

Because your editorial slant has such right wing bias as to make the entire network the laughing stock of real journalism.

Just to set the record straight, I was flipping channels when I saw your piece. When I go looking for balanced journalism I click past your network.

Best regards
posted by Mike 10:29 AM


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