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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Open Reply to a post regarding the piece from Monday

The problem with right side of the aisle is that they cannot face it when their machinations are uncovered. Please do your own research on the names I have listed. Their actions, publications and resumes are public record. Google it if you have to.

Bracketed by what are obviously *Opinions* I have simply stated the facts of these appointees. It's all public record.

Yet when the denizens of the Public Morality And Patriotism turn on their “machine” its ok to take the gloves off and distort the facts as they see fit. See Limbaugh, Coulter or any one of a number of White House talking heads.

But you cannot have it both ways. I’ve said this before, I am absolutely stunned with the cries of foul play echoing from the Right Side of the Aisle when all the Left has done is play by the rules set out by that very same Right Wing. More often than not it’s the Left side of the Aisle publishing some tidbit of fact that the Right Side has to go stomp all over.

It's quite amusing if it wasn't so serious.

Turning to Al's post specifically let me address certain points individually.

Actually I do think that abstinence is a fine way to lower teenage pregnancy and HIV transmission. It’s also completely absurd to think that teenagers are going to abstain. So instead of living in an ivory tower preaching a behavior that is not likely to happen, the second best option is to make sure they are using condoms.

Your supposition that President Bush ever extended his hand across the aisle to be a unifier is self-deluding. Interviews with key congressional members from the other side of the aisle were unanimous on one thing. Bush sat them down individually or in groups and said: as long as you follow my lead we will get along fine. That’s not unifying. That’s my way or the highway.

Sir I'm very amused that you enjoy my "bumper sticker" slogans, as you are so fond of branding them. Get used to them. This is a sound byte society now. As they said to the dinosaurs evolve or die.

Actually it’s the greatest compliment Al because to boil a talking point into a phrase or slogan that sticks in one’s head is the best marketing one can do. And baby it’s all about marketing. Or had you not figured that out yet? This isn’t the whistle stop campaign of Teddy Roosevelt, it’s a 21st Century media blitz.

Why do you think it is "so popular" to take such issues with the actions of this Administration??

The actions of this Administration are completely outrageous to a significant percentage of the American Populace. Whether it’s a majority and whether the alternative is palatable to the American populace will be determined in November.

The Rovian machine moves to quash the facts of what this Administration does by wrapping disagreement in terms like unpatriotic. Al you should read "The Art of War".

This election is a battle royal for the heart and soul of this country. I for one will not sit quietly by and watch it be destroyed.
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