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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

TV Recommendations.

New shows

Wonderwalls. OMG this is great. Fox on Friday Nights. It's kind of like Joan of Arcadia without God. Inanimate objects tell the heroine what to do to help peoples lives. No it's not a new idea, but the writing is very fresh, and the cinematography is outstanding.

Joan of Arcadia. God speaks to Joan. This works because the actors are magnificent. The writing isn't half bad either.

Century City. Had enough legal shows? How about one set in the future. But instead of peddling the same LA Law schlock that lawyer shows have been peddling for years the cases are sci fi oriented. Ethical and legal issues that might come up in the next 50 years having to do with biotech, gerontology and other near future issues.

NCIS, (or Navy NCIS which is repetitive). Mark Harmon rocks this one. Its a cross btw Jag and CIS (duh) but the package works well: acting, plotting, writing. The cast is superb, my fave being the Goth Chick who is a brilliant forensic specialist.

Tripping the Rift on Sci Fi is beyond stupid so its actually funny.. And they seem to be doing such outlandish satirization of society that I find it amusing.

I am thoroughly nauseated by the onslaught of "reality" programming. Problem is that they are big money makers for the networks. They cost very little to produce and generate tons of revenue. So they are not going away any time soon.

Probably some more I cannot think of right now.

Old Shows

And kick me in the head for not watching this earlier but Jon Stewarts rendition of the Daily Show (which we catch the next day on Comedy Central at 7 is just wonderful. Hes is funny and though a bit left which I like, does seem to have a balanced agenda.

He just satirizes everyone.
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