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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Anybody but Bush.. not for me

I plan to vote FOR John Kerry in November. Not against Bush.

Here are a few reasons why taken directly from his position papers. Again this information is blatantly taken directly from his position papers, not articles about him or interpretations of analysts or Sunday Talking Heads.

I encourage anyone who is going to vote in this election to go to the site (in research we call it primary source material) and decide for yourself.

John Kerry Website

This candidate has postions on issues important to the american public today. Many more are listed on this site

I hope everyone in this election votes FOR someone. Be it Bush, Kerry or Nader.

On Iraq

Kerry believes that we don't need a President who will walk away from the world or a President who will walk alone. He believes that we need a President who will lead the nations of the world into a new era of security, freedom, and peace. Kerry believes that capturing Saddam Hussein provides a new opportunity for the United States to build a broader coalition and win the peace in Iraq.

On Tax Cuts and Tax Relief

John Kerry has the courage to take on the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. However, he believes that we should keep the middle class tax cuts that Democrats fought for in 2001 and 2003. Specifically, he wants to protect the increases in the child tax credit, the reduced marriage penalty and the new tax bracket that helps people save $350 on their first level of income. He strongly disagrees with Democrats who want to repeal these tax cuts because it would cost a typical middle-class family with two children an additional $2,000. These families are often already struggling with higher health care costs and higher state and local taxes. In fact, John Kerry wants to give more tax breaks to the middle class with new tax credits on health care and college tuition. These tax cuts are part of his plan to restore the economy and cut the budget deficit in half in four years.

On Education

· First, Kerry will form a New National Education Trust Fund that will guarantee that the Federal government meets its obligation to fully fund education priorities. Our children are too important to be subject to the whims of budget cutters in Washington DC.
· Second, Kerry would fight to change the No Child Left Behind law to assure that our schools focus on teaching high standards to all children, and do not become drill and kill test prep institutions. John Kerry has already proposed the most comprehensive higher education plan of any candidate. Today, he is outlining a plan to assure every child has the skills to be ready for college.
· Third, Kerry is stating his main priorities in education – from higher teacher pay for higher standards to universal after-school to assuring discipline.

On Fiscal Discipline

John Kerry believes that we need a smaller and smarter government that wastes less money. He has put forward a sensible plan that will at least cut the deficit in half in his first term, while investing in economic growth and investing in workers. To restore fiscal discipline and strengthen our economy, Kerry will repeal Bush's special tax breaks for Americans who make more than $200,000. He will cut excesses in government and reign in out of control spending. And he will implement the McCain-Kerry commission on corporate welfare to undermine the special interest groups that make it hard to cut tax loopholes and pork barrel spending projects.

On Homeland Security

America needs a new strategy for homeland security that asks Americans to do more and takes steps as big as the threats we face. We need to put our faith and trust in the people on the frontlines – and back it up with real resources. We need to make sure first defenders have the gear and support they need, and the benefits and protections they've earned. John Kerry has a six-point plan to ensure that we are safer, stronger and more secure on our own soil.
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