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Thursday, April 29, 2004

The real Me me me me me me......

On a lark I took a personality test online. These were the results. Did it peg me? I don't know. You tell me.

General Character

You have a strong sense of humor. You usually know when to lighten a difficult situation, amuse and entertain people.

You are a generous person, perhaps overly so.

You have to be with people. This extends into the need to gain popularity, achieve social recognition and influence those people around you. The "bottom-line" is a strong people orientation.

You have a strong feeling of optimism, considered favorably by most people around you. Your perception is that the bottle is half-full rather than half-empty.

My Comunication Traits

You are a natural communicator. You love to talk, offer jokes and make sure that everyone is having a good time. This trait is especially evident at functions and outings.

You can generate enthusiasm in yourself and in other people. Your enthusiasm, often contagious, involves many people in a social activity who might not ordinarily become involved.

You have a natural, outgoing style that some have labeled as the "natural salesperson." You are generally likable, talkative and socially assertive. Your primary intent is convincing or persuading people.

One of your great strengths is your ability to communicate and talk readily. Since all strengths may be overused at times, you may sometimes talk too much.

You show sympathy to the feelings and needs of others. Your natural empathy style may draw others to you.

Keys to you communicating with me.

Take time to be certain that you reach an agreement.

Talk about expectations.

Ask for opinions and ideas.

Be sincere and use a tone of voice that shows sincerity.

Plan sufficient time to talk and listen.

Keep the conversation at the discussion level, rather than confrontation.

Support ideas for change with facts, figures and logic.

Be stimulating, fun-loving, and fast-moving.

Take time during explanations.

Offer immediate rewards for accomplishments.

Be prepared to listen to many stories.

Relationship Stengths

An excellent listener.

Never a dull moment.

Bring a feeling of security and stability.

Excellent sense of humor; see humor in events spontaneously.

Respect the property of others.

Will gather facts before offering an opinion.

Very optimistic; make others feel good about themselves.

Enthusiastic about activities and involvement.

Socially poised and people-oriented.

Calm excited people.

What I want and need

Support of your ideas and dreams.

Acceptance in a variety of groups.

Equal relations with others.

An audience to perform to and entertain.

Activities involving contact with many people.

Recognition of skills and ability.

Freedom from many controls and limitations of creativity.

Protection or insulation from aggression or confrontation.

An environment free from conflict or hostility.

Sound relationships which form naturally, and are not contriving or scheming

I dunno pretty accurate don't ya think?
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