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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Some Boob Tube bits and pieces

There is a newish McDonalds commercial that is so irritating to me that I actually have to turn the channel, it has something to do with baby showers. Now I don't eat at McDonalds, but how many other people find this so obnoxious that they too change the channel.

Reality shows have reached a new low, and Barbara Walters is at the core. Apparently five couples are going to COMPETE to get a BABY from another couple who is putting it up for adoption. Is that revolting or what? Seems more Fox fare to me. But then again I don't like Babs and I never have. Her fake caring attitude makes me nauseous.

Speaking of Reality shows, and I know many of you watch them, I finally got sucked into Survivor a few weeks ago. This is Survivor All Stars, and the rest of the family has been watching the other series' for a few years now. Something intriguing about this group of all stars that are left. Besides I like the Dead Head Rupert, I'm sure my interest will wane if he gets voted off.

Leave it to the idiot programmers department: Two intriguing shows Wonderwalls and Game over were cancelled with nary a chance to catch on. I reviewed Wonderwalls a month or so ago, a quirky show where inanimate objects tell the heroine to do things which "do good". Kind of a new age version of "Joan of Arcadia". Well it was obviously too good to go on and was summarily cancelled three episodes in. Game Over was a CGI animated series revolving around what those Game Characters do (from your PS2) when not at work.... Now a days any good animation which is written on more than one level is slashed and burned at the Programmers earliest possible convenience. This one spoke not only to kids but had very adult references.

Turning to politics, which is on topic because most of it is on TV, the unmitigated gall of Cheney and Bush to slag Kerry's war service record when one goofed his way through a war and the other used every dispensation on the books to avoid serving shows just how mean spirited these people really are. Will the American Public finally say Enough is Enough and throw these rotters out? Time will tell....

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