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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The anti-Coulter

From time to time I tune into Ann Coulter's ranting and raving for a good laugh. Yahoo is kind enough to host her wacky blathering so it's easy to find. However for a good laugh tune in here.

Crazy Like a Fox Viewers

If you have little tolerance for insane beautiful women I can paraphrase for you. Little orphan Annie is upset because of a poll done by an arm of the University of Maryland called the Program on International Policy Attitudes that showed that people who watch Fox news misperceived the truth of three issues 45% of the time. These issues were fairly uncomplicated: That Iraq had some complicity in the Twin Tower bombings, that evidence of links between Al-Qaeda and Iraq exist, and that WMD's were found after the war.

Misperceptions, The Media and the Iraq War (This is a PDF link).

It is the third statement, which I’m sure upsets little orphan Annie the most. As you may be aware in Annie's view any disagreement with the line of bull that this Administration has been serving the American people is considered "Traitorous". Any mention that this Administration may have been wrong about any of their reasons for the Iraq war can also only be coming from the lips of a traitor to the American People.

I hope you read the piece, because she is so bloody amusing in her raving about Liberals.

I hope you read the study too, because it is very telling.

But getting back on track here, the point at hand is that little orphan Annie has to defend Fox News. This is kind of like getting Hitler to defend Mussolini.

Honestly have you ever watched Fox news? I don't mean your local news, I mean their national programs like their Sunday shows. Their journalistic bias is so profound that it surprises me not one wit that 45% of Americans who watch Fox National News are misinformed about these three basic facts: Iraq was NOT part of the Twin Towers affair. There WAS no connection between Iraq and Al-Quada (of course there is now because of all the madmen who have entered the country). And so far there really are no WMD's to be found.

The power of this study is that it gives solid statistical data to the perception that many thinking individuals have. Fox has for a long time presented opinion as fact. They pack their airwaves, especially their cable only channel, with the yelping dogs of the Right Wing. These are the children of Rush Limbaugh, whose association with the truth has always been suspect.

All joking aside the problem with people like the Fox News talk hosts and creatures like Anne Coulter is that they are fascists. They strongly discourage any disagreement with the standing government. They brand those who do with labels like traitor. They bend the facts to fit their agenda.

Lets put these people back in the “minority” as they say, and flush the Cheny/Bush team out of the White House in November.

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