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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Happy Mothers Day

To all the Mommies in the audience. How good is this? Hallmark creates a holiday JUST FOR YOU! An occasion to drop 5 to 6 dollars a card into the coffers of the very same company that created the holiday! You know what I do? I buy cards for all my mommies (mom, grammie and wife) I buy them so they come from the dog. I buy them so they come from the cat.

And I make sure I don't buy Hallmark. That will teach them!

But if they have a Mothers Day and a Fathers Day how come they don't have a childrens day!


So we are planned for a get together at the F's house sometime btw 5 and 530, so that we are all to be sure done by the time Survior rolls around at 8! Me too.. isn't that sick? I got sucked into this one big time.

In attendence will be Liza's Mom, Liam's Mom, Alex's Mom. Susies's Mom is not good for travel and we would be up past her bed time. So she is staying put at the Eddie.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow. Or later today. Ok gotta call Mike's Mom now!!

Love to all the Moms

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