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Thursday, May 13, 2004

More Personal stuff

What? Another blog that doesn't have political posturing? Bloody Amazing.

Cue the smallest violin playing "My heart weeps for you" by touching the tip of your thumb to the tip of your index finger on the same hand. Now move your pointer finger across the thumb, that’s the bow, and your thumb is the violin. LOL.

Sherman if you would be so kind as to dial the way back machine to 1979. Why Mr. Peabody? Well my good boy, we are going to see Mike hurt himself somehow running up and down stairs in London while on a family vacation.

To this day I still have no idea what I did to myself, but periodically over the last 24 years my left hip would "flare up". Usually this coincides with periods of my life where I have NOT been working out or exercising properly, and usually when I do return to the bike or gym the pains go away. Not this time.

It has gotten so bad that I can't sleep on that side, and sitting for a bit becomes fairly uncomfortable. It ranges from a sharp pain in my hip, knee and ankle at the same time, to a dull throbbing in my hip.

So at the admonition of my wife I finally got my arse to the Dr. today to find out what the heck is wrong. I was frankly impressed with the good Dr. Duffy's operation. First of all I made the appointment two days before, so that was cool, very little waiting. Once we met, he had me Xrayed and blood taken all within an hour and a half, all in the same facility. I'll get a call from the office tomorrow with a set appointment time for a orthopedist who is in my PPO network as well. They were very efficient and it was very cool.

I guess I will know in a few days, but the initial prognosis is bursas in my hip joint. I have no idea if that is curable or whether I just have to live with it. But I will at least know what it is. Some consolation.

And this late morning and early afternoon I had a very nice visit with my Mother in law. She asked me to come over and hook up her stereo. So with two trips to Radio Shack included, I hooked up her surround sound speakers and her sub woofer, by running the wires under her floor through some thankfully predrilled holes. Tested the Subwoofer and messed around with it till I got it to work. Then set up her DVD player so that she could hear the surround sound while watching DVD's.

All and all it was a very pleasant if a bit dirty experience. And then she completely floored me by paying me the rate I was getting for Electronic Doc. Very touching thing for her to do. Oh and she fed me lunch :-)

Oh and I got a haircut. Finally....

Busy day.
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