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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

More Republican Dirty Tricks

Where does one start? With nausea I believe.

Anyway this week's parade of "patriotic" Vietnam veterans who got together in Washington to slag off John Kerry was just the latest round of highly offensive dirty tricks by the Bush/Cheney team.

Of course said team adamantly denies that they had anything to do with it. Of course they are lying.

This most recent attack was led by none other than John O'Neill, whom has been harrying John Kerry since 1971. This is the guy who went after John McCain's record during the 2000 primaries and went after Sen Max Cleland. You remember him, he lost three limbs in Vietnam.

The coverage I saw made it abundantly clear who was spearheading this attack. It is my firm belief that this is going to backfire upon the Bush/Cheney campaign.

I mean one guy whose service during Nam was as a Air Force reservist, whom it has been established couldn't even bother to appear for his last physical, and the other using every possible deferment to stay out of the draft.

Balanced against a man who Volunteered for Nam. I'm not always enamored with the ability of the American People to see through the Bullshit, but this is pretty blatant. I don't think they will miss it.
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