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Friday, May 28, 2004

Posting from NH

Drove out to NH today from NY to see Dad and Kathy. Alex and I took the scenic route, NY Rte 7 to VT Rte 9 to NH Rte 9, which is actually all the same long piece of asphalt.

It was rainy and beautiful through VT and NY and NH, not in that order of course. It took about 2 hrs 20 with two stops. To think my Dad is only 90 miles away from me is quite a cool thing, considering that he's been in either GA or Switzerland for the last 10 yrs or so.

We went to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant in Keene and I had two Margaritas, and some amazing Chicken Enchilada's. Alex's behavior was rather atrocious. But what can ya do with a 10 yr old surrounded by adults. My sister and her kids are coming out tomorrow so we will stay till Sunday AM.

Dad and I watched the DVD of Master and Commander tonight. WOW this is a fantastic Movie. I heartily recommend it, though there are some gory parts during the battles and surgery, so it's not a "family" movie per se.
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