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Musings and Meanderings

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Some musical notes


I have dialed down my trading dramatically over the last 6 months or so. Frankly I have many more shows than I could ever listen to, and just adding more and more shows seems counter productive and it's getting hard to find room for them all.

However I have participated in a few cool trades and trees. The biggest of which is an very good recording of the first leg of the new Yes tour, this show from San Diego. They are playing a few new songs and sounding fantastic. One of the things I have recieved back from the people I participated in the Yes tree is a recording of the new Bowie tour, the second show from this tour I have recieved in fact.

On another front a friend of mine in the UK is remastering the Wall tour shows and I finally got the complete Manhattan shows. These were the dates that Pink Floyd did after the LA shows in 1980 (I was at the final LA show). It's cool hearing the different bits put in and out of the show, but basically it is more of a completist thing because it's not like PF was changing their set lits constantly.

Speaking of groups who don't change their setlists I have gotten a hold of a few "new to me" Moody Blues shows which seen in very good condition.

Finally I've been getting dribs and drabs of some of my favorite "Jam" bands (who do change their set lists) recently, these directly downloaded from live archive. To my great joy I discovered that the site was sponsoring the 20th anniversary tour from the Grateful Dead, so now I have ALL of the 14 shows I saw on that tour. Also I've become a great fan of Particle and have picked up a few of their shows as they stump for their new album.

So thats it on music, may the four winds blow you safely home.
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