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Monday, May 24, 2004

Well the Cast is set now

With the casting of Billie Piper, the New Dr. Who cast is now set. Christopher Eccelston will be playing the Dr.

Pictures are here with the accompanying article.

The executive producer for the New Dr. Who will be a Paul Cornell. Pauls credits include some of the better Dr. Who novels during the television hiatus. Since then he has gone on to write and produce such critically acclaimed shows as Queer as Folk.

The show is set to air in 2005 in the UK. No news has been released as to North American or Australian distribution rights.

Most Dr. Who fans like myself have had their new Dr. Who fix satisfied by the BBC novel range following the adventures of the "Eighth Doctor", whose mannerisms and looks are modeled after Paul McGann who played him in the "TV Movie" that was on Fox in 1996. These novels have ranged from good to bloody excellent, but due to the oncomming "Ninth" Doctor will be ended in favor of some sort of Novels regarding the Chris Eccelston Doctor. Whether they will be Novelizations AND Novels is unknown.

Just to confuse the issue further, BBCi, which had been producing online Flash Animation "new" episodes of Dr. Who produced their OWN Ninth Doctor looking starring the voice of Richard Grant. He starred in a very good adventure called "Scream of the Shalka".

Well thats the Dr. Who Update for the non initiated. Exciting times for Dr. Who fans. Although I am excited about a new TV series I worry that if it is cancelled, the franchise will finally die. I really enjoy the Dr. Who Novels, as they can so much further than any TV show ever can.
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