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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Passing of a Legend

After watching Smarty Jones loose to the Saratoga NY Horse last evening we found out that President Ronald Regan had passed. An ignominious end for a vibrant Human Being, but I didn't realize he had lived 93 yrs. I guess I always forgot he was one of our older sitting President's when he was in office.

Now I never liked the man as a Domestic President. His Trickle Down theory of Economics struck this Econ major as missing half the equation.... (umm supply = demand).

Of course his contribution to Foreign Affairs cannot be understated. His agressive pushing of the Arms Race bankrupted the USSR and eventually led to it's dissolution. Whether this is a good or bad thing in the very long run is way to early to tell. In the short run for most of the world it is a good thing.

However one thing struck me strongly is how much his Party has changed over the 20 yrs since he was President. I was watching the Headline News piece and saw how 17 days after he returned to the Oval Office from his assination attempt he got his "tax and spending cuts".

Now this is not another Bush Bash! Remember I was once a Republican in my HS days. Founded the Santa Clara County Young Repulicans with my best friend Henry Andrew Olsen III (who works for a conservative think tank now). I am a moderate Democrat which is partly due to some of the old Republican ideals of Fiscal Responsablilty which Clinton's "New Democrats" were able to take on in the 90's.

Anyway the point is that Neo Conservatives are Tax Cut and Spend Repbulicans. This is of course an Economic fantasy land. You cannot cut taxes and increase expenditures and hope to have a blanced budget. It is Economics 101.

So tip our hats to the Regan Years. At least they had one side of the Supply = Demand equation down pat. The Neo Cons cannot even get that part right.
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