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Musings and Meanderings

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Primal meanderings

You may notice that the occurrences of my musings (which are the political commentary) are kind of cyclical. I honestly cannot explain how I will go one week posting musings nearly every day and then go a week or two with nothing but meanderings (the more mundane life commentary). Sometimes I just feel empty inside and don't feel like, nor in fact even think of, posting. And sometimes I just have a fire in my belly.

Then sometimes there is not enough for just one day, and so if you check in regularly you will notice that there are blog's appearing where you didn't see them before. I call this Back-Blogging. So the missed days do serve a function I suppose.

I'm sure that part of it is the job issue. It is an energy level issue as well however. Believe it or not some of those missives take a great deal of energy to produce. I do suppose that if I disciplined myself I could come up with something cogent on a daily basis.

But then again even the bigger columnists like Dowd and Friedman for example only publish once or twice a week. That and they are better than me by a longshot.

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