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Saturday, June 12, 2004

A True Story

The only Random meeting I have ever had with a Musician of importance was in SF when I was in my mid 20's.

I was living in San Francisco in the mid 80's, splitting time btw my Mom's and my GF's place. I would grab a bus on Van Ness (I think) that took me back to the Sunset district so I could be there when my GF got out of work (she worked 4D/3N straight at a home for abused children).

As I walked up to grab my bus I passed a Hispanic gentleman sitting at a different bus stop with a BGP satin jacket on. As I passed him in the space of a few seconds this conversation went on in my head.

Gosh that looks like Carlos Santana

OMG that is Carlos Santana

Just keep walking Mike, leave the poor man alone.

Noooo you will always regret walking by and not saying Hi.

So I turned around and stopped.

I stuck out my hand and said first that I apologized for disturbing him and that I was a big fan, had just seen him at the Greek, and thanked him for his beautiful music. I think I also rambled on about figuring I would meet him eventually and that I had seen some of his percussion section together a few weeks before in the back of the bus I was taking to work (I knew most of those hombres lived in the Sunset District of SF).

Then I got up to leave, thanking him for his time. He had not said a thing yet.

Then he said.. and I'll never forget.

I'm not Carlos Santana.

NO I'm just joking. He really said this : "Wait!, what's your name?" I said Mike, and he said "I'm Carlos, and it was beautiful that stopped your day to thank me."


PS BGP = Bill Graham Productions
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