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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Van Helsing

Alex had a 1/4 day for school today. Because he came home early yesterday I didn't push the issue that he wasn't feeling well in the am still. In fact he went back to bed in and slept so I do believe it did him a world of good.

So we went to the last "cheap matinee" of Van Helsing today. This movie should have done a hell of a lot better than it did. It is an homage to the great horror movies of the 50's, while taking the ideas in a new angle. The Frankenstein Monster was really well cast, as was Dwakcura (sic). Kate B is a babe and kicks arse. She has a thing for Werewolves (no! there wolf.......... there castle.......) and (why are we talking like that? Oh I thought you wanted to) Vampires apparently. (She starred in Underworld as a Vampire who fights Wherewolves) Funny in interviews she has this tiny little voice.

Loved Igor.. sorry Egor. That actor was of course the Mummy's buddy in the first Mummy movie, I do like that actor. The brides were hot and grotesque at the same time which is what you want out of Dracula's brides, Franky's makeup was fresh but still paid homage to the genre.


Van Helsing = Archangel Gabriel? References to the "Left Hand" of god abound. Ok two refs but that's a lot. Thought HIS Werewolf was a whole lot meaner looking than heroine's brother's.

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