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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Back, for a week at least

Well flight 725 from Las Vegas arrived a bit late but safe at 11:57 last night with an unaccompanied Alex. Yours truly has misplaced his drivers license, and having not grabbed his passport on the way out was nearly put into an untenable situation.

MW had put my name as the pick up person, and L's as the alternative. Problem was they didn't notice L's name so when she (who doesn't loose things like licenses and debit cards on a regular basis) tried to "accept" him from the plane they wouldn't let her! Sheer lunacy of course.

Anyway we ended up in the "night office" of SWA for all of two min as the duty person noticed the alternate name and all was well.

Alex stayed up till 2am (as did I) which of course is only 11pm his time. Slept till 10 this am (which of course I did not) and seems less worse for the wear.

So next up: NEXT Sunday not tomorrow he and I are off to the local Boy Scout Reservation for week of fun in the dirt. Oh gosh I can't wait.
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