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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Ok so maybe every other day, or so.....
Did you know that if you do a Yahoo on Tour de France you get back over 19 MILLION responses.   19 Million is a lot of people talking about the Tour de France is what that is...

Spent a good portion of the day cleaning the house.  MW arrives on Friday, then leaves Sat am, with Alex, whom I am picking up tomorrow halfway btw NH and NY.

So we are down to the final five in "Last Comic Standing".  I knew the ladies would get in, they are genuinely funny.  Gary G withstood two standup shootouts, so he deserves it as well.  As for the other two, John's set last night was very funny and once again Liza and I got the winner wrong, but not the looser.   Do you care?  Well I didn't think so.... lol

This CIA cum 9/ll commission report thingy is bugging me.  I need to do more research.  However I wish to state uncategorically that ALL the investigative journalism that I read, from Slate to New Yorker to NYT to Atlantic Monthly, all agreed that the Bush whitehouse got the Intelligence it wanted, by continually asking operatives to go back and get it right.  So whom do I believe?  A Republican investigative committee investigating their own President in an election year or a bunch of independent journalists.  This may be the biggest white wash of this administration.

Does the Schwarzenegger "Girlie Man" comment bother me? Not in the least.  Politics needs a major sense of humor upgrade and this man provides it.  Having lived in California and New York I will tell you that he also has a good point.  AND I'll tell ya something else. :-)  This guy is a good antidote to the neo con version of Republicanism.  He harkens back to when Republicans were almost bearable enough that I called my self an independent.  Now a days, though I don't kowtow either party line, the Reps are so obnoxious that one cannot avoid voting Democrat.

Do you care what kind of summer we are having? Well I'll tell ya anyway.  WEIRD.  Its been much cooler and much more humid than normal.  Suspiciously like one of the working "global warming" models I've heard of. Hmmmm


ok ok one last thing.  If you spell check whitehouse within the blogger spell checker it returns whitewash. GO FIGURE

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