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Sunday, July 18, 2004

The week in Review
Very busy week.  Monday was spent settling back into life from the week in VA and the Nearfest weekend.  Technically I got home on Monday, at 230am.  Ran some errands with Alexander and got my pictures developed.  I was a bit nervous as I had never shot a concert strictly on manual, but when I picked up the pictures the girl at the shop said she was glad she was there cause she wanted to meet the person who had taken such fantastic pictures.  They are available at the Mike Montfort site under NEARfest 04.  Tuesday was strictly scanning my photos and getting them up on the site, as I had quite a few people interested in seeing what I was shooting with that humongous lens! 
I spent most of Wednesday on the road.  Alex and I got going around 930, but I had do come back for my license.  So around 10 am we set off for Swanzy NH to drop Alex off at my Dad's.  I spent a few hours there and got home by 5pm.  Since then we have had some empty nest here, but we are surviving.  Thursday was the time I spent concentrating upon some important trades I needed to do for my friend George in California, as well as scanning the Chincoteague pictures for our Hosts the Farrells.  Needless to say Friday came fast!  Liza and I watched the 8th Season Stargate SG-1 after dinner that we had DVR'd while on vacation.  Quite Enjoyable. 

 Saturday rolled around and I headed up to a local park for a four hour Boy Scout Picnic.  You can see the pictures over at the Troop 611 blog, which is at the top of the menu at the right.  Had a nice mellow time with the kids and parents.  Getting ready for the week at Rotary in August.  We are fairly near the mess hall and the showers, so this is a very good thing.  Unfortunately the food didn’t agree with me so I spent most of the afternoon laying in bed.  After being fully awake today - Sunday - I stepped outside to mow the lawn.  I finished less than 10 min before the rain started, and it has not let up all day.  Tonight we watched the season premiere of Stargate Atlantis, which is also pretty good.  Then I put up some different pictures on the blog and wrote this.... Whew.

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