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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Another long blog break

Yea its been a bit since I blogged last. Two weeks I think.

The first week I was at Rotary Scout camp with Alex and the troop. From the 8th to the 14th, fresh air, exercise and a bit of sun. The bug count was pretty low cause it has been a cool summer. We didn't get any rain till the end of the week which is astounding because for the previous three weeks we had gotten rain every evening, sometimes very heavy.

Now this was not roughing it in any sense. We slept in Canvas tents on wooden platforms on cots. We ate at the dining hall and got three carb laden meals a day. The food was barely passable but I guess it was good for camp cooking. They site has some excellent showers as well so we were not wanting for cleanliness if that was wanted.

The boys were very programmed, from 9 to noon and 2 to 430 they were in merit badge classes. Alex earned his basketry, leatherworking, finger printing, emergency saftely and mammal studies merit badges with his patrol that week.

As for me I attended some of the classes with Alex and his patrol. Hiked around the site a bit, and chatted with the other adult leaders as well. Evenings were nice as we all sat around the campfire and enjoyed each other's company. I do admit to scurrying home three days for a quick visit, one of which was required because I had job leads on the answering machine. The other two days I just felt like getting out of camp for a bit.

We got back on Sunday am and recovered all day Sunday and Monday. I was pretty sleep deprived because the cots were not exactly comfortable, and my hip was aching a bit a few nights. Ironically my worst night sleep was Friday night so I was a Zombie when I got home.

The plan was Tuesday to take Alex to my sister's in Mass, but he woke up on Tues am at 4am wheezing. So I took him to the doctor that am and it was just a severe allergy attack. They put him on clarinex and an inhaler. So we went off to Mass anyway, just later than planned, so I got back at 11pm.

Other fun taskes this week included looking for a job. Cleaning Alex's room top to bottom so as to begin to get ready for painting his room. Helping my mother in law set up her TV/Stereo system and other fun chores.

Originally I was leaving today to go get Alex, spend the night and come home tomorrow. However his stay was extended a day so I'm doing the overnight tomorrow.

That leaves just 18 days till Alex starts back in school. My how the summer has flown.
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