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Sunday, August 01, 2004

The Dead at SPAC

By all rights this should be a review of the Dead show tonight at SPAC. I'm sure many of you know that I'm a big fan and love the newly re-formed Dead. In the time that they were on hiatus as a band, before they reconstituted as The Other Ones and then as The Dead if feels as if each artist got a better feel for who they were as individual artists. When they came back to together their sum being the greater of their parts was even more powerful because of this new identity.

Also frankly, and this is heresy to many Dead Heads, I feel very strongly that from the mid 80's to the end in 97 Jerry Garcia really dragged the band's sound down. I do miss his voice that is for sure, but his drug induced playing really got on my nerves near the end. As a consequence I don't really listen much to the shows I have from that time period.

So if I'm such a fan, why am I not there this evening?

I'll tell you. The cost. Now it's not because I'm out of work. L said that if I wanted to go up alone I could. So lets break down the projected cost of seeing the Dead tonight. First of all lawn seats are $50.00. Sitting on the damp grass on your proverbial arse, with a relatively bad "view". This in itself is completely outrageous. Then throw in the obligatory $30 T-Shirt. Add $20 for miscellaneous like parking and food (which is outrageously priced at any venue) and you are looking at a cool $100 to see the Dead. If I had brought L and Alex, of whom both would greatly enjoy the show, we are now up to $150 or more.

This is just to see the richest rock band in history. That's right the richest rock band in history. Somewhere the Dead lost the idea that the show is for the fans and not the money making operation they have become. So maybe Jerry is missing after all. I don't think he would have put up with these prices.

So I will stick to downloading the legally recorded audience recordings from the tour and enjoying the band's music in the comfort of my home and car. YES I should support the band if I collect their shows, which they allow to be taped. But at these prices, who needs it?

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