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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I get more and more depressed

I don't think that the American Public is capable of making an informed choice for any elected position, nor for that matter, an informed choice on anything.

I'm convinced there is no left wing media, nor right wing media, its simply Corporate Media.

If it doesnt fit into a byte or sound bit, then it doesn't go out. There is no place for complicated facts, intimate discussion nor intense investigation of the issues. There is only time for sound bits and talking points.

America does not read anymore either, newspaper readership is waay down, magazines like Time and Newsweek are so dummied down so as to have a reading level that would not challenge a 7th grade student.

So as long as the Right Wing is controlling the agenda, there is no hope for progressive America.

I'm sure I'll be less paranoid and depressed tomorrow.

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