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Monday, August 02, 2004

I hate to say I told ya so...

Last Thursday I believe, I hypothesized upon the chances that the Republicans would be able to stay positive in the next few months. Slim to none would have been my conclusion.

In this Sundays NYT, one of the front page headlines reported this:

Bush Planning August Attack Against Kerry

WASHINGTON, July 31 President Bush's campaign plans to use the normally quiet month of August for a vigorous drive to undercut John Kerry by turning attention away from his record in Vietnam to what the campaign described as an undistinguished and left-leaning record in the Senate.

Mr. Bush's advisers plan to cap the month at the Republican convention in New York, which they said would feature Mr. Kerry as an object of humor and calculated derision.

Calculated Derision? Humor?

Makes me think I'm back on the elementary playgrounds of Dilworth Elementary. It's the same feeling I got when these people first got into power and I began reading reports of how they reacted to the Clinton Administration's briefings on Foreign Policy. Something to the effect that the "real men" were in power now and "we know what's best".

Me thinks there is too much Testosterone in the Republican Party.

So the $64,000 question has to be: What is the tolerance of the American People for a Negative Campaign? Here is my take on this turn of events.

The people who are Democrats will be outraged. But this does not matter, because they are already voting against Bush, or for Kerry, whichever you prefer.

Republicans voters will laugh their proverbial arses off in derision, further polarizing the division between the two camps. But this does not matter either because they are already voting for Bush.

These people have already made up their mind. But what about the independent vote?

This could seriously back fire on the Republicans. I think the independent mind is very tired of negative campaigns. They thirst for information so they can make an intelligent choice on who should lead this Country for the next four years.

In fact come November (pick a day the campaign is finally decided) the negative campaign by the Republicans could be seen as the big one that got away. The big mistake. The Massive oops, and lead to the downfall of Karl Rove. Ok this is a good thing.....

Little by little, I feel more and more confident that this election will put these people out of office. It's hard to get confident, so many elections have looked good only to have the American People chicken out at the last minute. I will say it again and again, I don't doubt for a minute that these people in power will do anything short of a coup to stay in power.

The Negative campaigning makes me worry because, I will admit it out loud, I have no faith in the general public NOT to believe whatever is spoon fed to them via the TV. And we have not even discussed the "voting machines" they are putting in Florida. I just can't see Jeb letting the state slip away, he made sure it didn't last time.......
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