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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Odds and Ends

Day trip to NH

Alex and I set off at 9am for NH to see Dad and Kathy yesterday. To our great delight cousin Anne also came out to visit, though she arrived a bit later in the afternoon. We got there around 11am having made great time. Dad was out so Kathy and I had a nice chat about life, the Universe, and everything. Dad came back with the NYTimes (NE Edition) so we consumed that, looked at the pictures I brought from scout camp and Giants Training Camp. I brought the Giants pics cause they were taken with the old camera Dad had given me.

Kathy made this mad good lunch and the neighbor's children Chelsea (13) and Tayor (15) came over. We did a little birthday celebration, as it was Chelsea's birthday tomorrow (13) as well as Alex's on Monday. They are the ones that took such good care of Kathy when she was stuck in NH after breaking her ankle. They also played with Alex when he was out this summer. The kids went swimming later in the neighbor's pool and Kathy, Anne and I went over to watch the kids and ended up chatting with the parents for a while too.

We had a lovely dinner in town at the Old Mill, in a brew pub/restaurant. The food was good and the company great. Finally I headed home around 9pm after doing a bit of book shopping with Dad at the great "sincere" bookstore in the Mill. I took the longer way home, the highway, and we got home around 1130.

The Republican Contention.. Convention starts this week

Oh goodie. This blog will try to be nice about what's coming up this week but frankly its really hard. After four years of extreme right wing policies and agendas the GOP is rolling out all their moderates. Just how dumb is the American populace?

Well I'm guessing they will swallow this one hook line and stinker... HALF the Republican platform is apparently about what a wonderful war time President we have. This as the Economy sinks lower into the doldrums every month. Report after report about how people have less income, health care and standard of living here in the US keep coming out.

Ok so summer comes along NOW?

And what is up with this? After the coolest summer on record in a long while the last two days have been just BEASTLY. The standard mid July 3H day - Hot Hazy and Humid. The car was so hot this afternoon when we went out that Alex nearly burned his hand on the metal of the seat belt. Thank you for A/C. At least we sleep cool and comfortable with the window unit in the bedroom.

The continuing birthday celebration.

So yesterday Alex got a Gameboy SP and a new game from Dad and Kathy. Birthday celebration day one, two days before the day of birth. TODAY we had best friend numero uno Lucas over, and I took them to "Laser Tag". They played for 45 min and had a great time. We walked over to Zombie Planet as well (the local game shop) and looked at Hero Clix, and other neat geek stuff. I'm helping Alex to find his inner geek, and Lucas loves the stuff too. As soon as GURPS 4th Edition comes out I am going to try to do some GameMastering with them on weekends.

The final bit of birthday weekend is tomorrow. We will entertain Tyler all day. This is Alex's best friend numero dos. We were going to do Laser Tag tomorrow as well but turns out the one we went to today is closed tomorrow. We will figure out something to do no worries.

And finally.. bad parent department.

Liza looks at me at 825pm and says.. Alex wants something to open tomorrow morning. Now I've been with him 24/7 the last two days. I'm like don't we have anything? Um no... OOPS.

So I ran up to the dreaded Wallmart this evening and got Alex some cool gifts. There is a new CSI board game, so that's cool. Apparently they have re released some of the old arcade games in these handheld joysticks you can connect to your TV (amazing technology) so I got one with Ms Pac man, Galaga and three others built in. That and a little hot wheel car.

His biggest gift is that we are redoing his room. New paint, which we just got cost from one of Liza's accounts. New shelving. Making it a better place to live in. We want to get a half bunk bed, one with the bed up high where he can put his desk below it.

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