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Monday, August 30, 2004

The RNC Day One.

Catching the McCain speech tonight. So far the McCain reason to re-elect Bush is that he waged war on Saddam Hussein.

A war that we started, the first war America has waged without direct provocation in modern history. There is no link between Iraq and 9/11. Multiple reports have determined this. However I am on record that this war was necessary, but it was was predicated by lies and deceit.

Then they trotted out the family survivors of the 9/11 flight. But they didn't say anything as to why we should re-elect Bush.

Guess this is going to be a 9/11 fest. Nothing wrong with celebrating and remembering 9/11. But to politicized this event as some sort of memoriam to the greatness of George Bush is revolting. What happened tonight with these three women is completely shameless. Completely shameless. I hope the 9/11 family survivors protest this most strongly.

And then came Rudy. How can you not like Rudy. But Rudy, we didn't finish in Afghanistan. Its still going on, its the forgotten war. Why is it the forgotten war, cause it didn't play in Peoria like Iraq would. Rudy was right, no one has the corner on the 'right' ideas. Personally I'd rather see moderate Republicans and conservative Democrats get together to run the country. But Rudy this is not YOUR Republican party. It's the party run by the neo conservatives. And Rudy, they have the wrong ideas.... Finally Rudy, it isn't good leadership to stubbornly stick to bad ideas without being open to change.

Well they said they were going to make Kerry a object of derision right after the DNC. Rudy started them on the path. Good to see the Republicans taking the high road here. Good thing it wasn't a personal attack though. Whew. Its gonna be a long four days for me. But I will watch at least the final hour of each day. Or try to.

Im out.
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