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Musings and Meanderings

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Some Odds and End

Most important
On Saturday Night, in the MIDDLE of a cigarette, I said FUCK THIS, stubbed out the cigarette, then I poured the 3/4 of a pack into my hands and broke them in half. Shoved them in the trash and said NO MORE. I had been waiting for some closure, ie the end of a pack, at night, so I coud start the hypothetical new day by quiting. That day never came, so I figured it was symbolic to finish half way through and break up the pack.

Its now over 60 hours, no gum, no cigarette. Doing the Pachyderm CT method again. I thought of chewing the nicorette gum on Sunday night but I remember though I quit with it once, it really just drags out the cravings over weeks, and I finally just had to go cold turkey on the gum too. Sunday night was tough, literally crawling out of my skin, last night not as bad, I was sucking on throat lonzenges yesterday.

Alex is back for good
Well traveling boy is home for the summer, that is the 18 days that are left. We have to wrap up his proper uniform, he needs to read two books etc. We may run out to NH for a day or overnighter but thats it for travel. Anyway I went out Sunday afternoon to Mass and came back Monday morning. We had a wonderful Japanese dinner then watched the Starsky and Hutch remake which was horrid. We got back on Monday afternoon. Rented two movies for Boys night in: Cody Banks 2 and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Cody Banks one was pretty good but number two was so bad I had to let Alex finish watching it. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen was another Disney/Lindsay Lohan vehicle and it was way cute.

The Jungle Outside
Spent most of this day mowing raking and pulling weeds after my morning job search. The grass was jungle length, the weeds were up to the windows and I had to buy new oil for the mower. So it took quite a bit of the afternoon. But then again I wasnt as out of breath when I was done as I usually am, so there is always good things to be said.

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