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Thursday, September 23, 2004

The big 43

So yea its another birthday. Yippee. This is the big 43. September 23 1961 I was born to Kay Marianne and Samir Jamil. This was actually right early, 12:44 am and I was 7 lbs and 15 oz. Born in Beautiful Santa Monica California no less.

So far I have gotten calls from (separately) the aforementioned Kay Marianne and Samir Jamil, brother's Greg and Andrew, Sister Laurie, and spoke to Grammie and Aunt Birdinia. The aforementioned Kay Marianne came to visit two weekends ago (see the blog below for that) for a combination birthday and anniversary dinner. I got emails from a few people as well, internet friends etc.

So what is the state of the person. Lets have a State of the person address. I'm 5 8 and 210, and after smoking on and off for more years than I wish to admit I went cold turkey close to a month ago. I can acutally breath again but I have gained 5 lbs from before I quit. Overall the 5 lbs is less unhealthy than the smoking and I should be able to take the weight off. Going back to the gym is the next step in the health care program.

Mentally I'm sharp (perhaps sharper than I have been in 25 yrs) and happy to be working again after taking the summer off. The job itself seems to be a good opportunity although I am concerned as to how to generate the number of appointments on a weekly basis to be successful. Yea I'm having a tiny bit of "Buyers Remorse" but that is inevitable considering the high of being hired and the attention inherent in the training. I'm sure I will do fine. Once this settles out I move forward on the new life plan and get some more education with the goal of landing in a Public or Private school, or perhaps just headed straight for the College Campus to teach there.

Physically at 43 I have slight tintinitus that seems to be related to my fatigue level and I suspect is caused by bad dental habits of a lifetime. The Dr's were useless in determining what was going on with my hip so I just live with that strange ache on my left side on a periodic basis. At this moment I have a tiny piece of glass embedded in my foot and it hurts like heck, but that too shall pass.

On the positive side I have no major illness' (considering I have one cousin my age who had a stroke, and another, his brother, may have terminal cancer); I still have a full head of hair though it is thinning evenly; My eyesight is as bad as it was 10 yrs ago and I still don't need bifocals. Having a wife that is 6 yrs younger and a son who is only 11 keeps me young. (My old HS friend Ron Green has a daughter who is a Junior in College this year).

I have a very poor attitude however, on the near future of our great country. The amazing level of greed, lies and deceit that our present leaders spread over the unsuspecting populace, who simply believe it because they are told it is so, just appalls me. From people whose intelligence I have always admired, to complete dolts, it seems that America is populated by people who just don't question Authority. Never have and never will.

There is no way that this election will go any other way but with the people in power, and I'm not even sure anymore that I want the guy running against them. I have had my first taste of the true reason people vote for an Anderson, Perot or Nader this year, or abstain from the process all together. All these lying self centered politicians begining to sound the same after a while. Clinton, Gore, Bush, Cheney, Kerry, Edwards..... Not much of a difference in the way they conduct themselves, although though there is a big difference in outlook. One of the slightly disheartening things about the new office is that I seem to be surrounded by arch Conservatives. One of the guys actually listens to Rush Limbaugh.....

So that's the State of the Person address. Doing well, but in need of improvement. On a program to do said improvements, a work in progress as always. Much love goes out today to all my family and friends.

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