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Friday, September 24, 2004

Blue Oyster Cult!!

First I want to share with you the most amazing picture, which I took accidentally last night. It was supposed to be a closeup of just one of the guitarists. However one of the other guitarists' guitar went sweeping through the frame as I took it, AND the drummer was hitting the gong in the background. Not in a million years could I have planned this shot.

Myself and a few hundred of the faithful saw the boys tonight at their annual visit to Northern Lights in Clifton Park. The concert was a big success, the crowd very appreciative. All age ranges were in attendance as usual. It is possibly the loudest concert I've been at in many years however, not helped by the fact that I saw it from standing in front of the stage. In contrast I stood in the exact same spot for a band called STS9 a week earlier and had no appreciable "tinnyness" that night or the next day. This am my ears are still ringing......

The boys were dressed in their usual fashion, mostly black.

Eric was wearing a black "baseball" jersey open in the front, with the word Klingon across the front and the Klingon symbol on the sleeve. Alan was in a "moon" T-Shirt.

Eric in the Klingon shirt

Buck of course came out in a jacket and that was gone fairly quickly. The new bass player is really good, and his solo was excellent as was Bobby's of course.

New Bass Player

There were three T's available at the table, a dark maroon 2004 tour shirt a dark gray "1978" tour shirt and a non specific black shirt that just said the words Blue Oyster Cult several times down the back. I got the 2004 and 1978 shirts, and I have no idea if the 1978 shirts were really from that tour, reprints of that tour shirt or just something they made up for the hell of it. The 2004 shirt did not have this tour stop, though it did have dates so I'm wondering if the CP gig was not originally planned for Sept. (Our date would have been btw the Glenside PA and Hampton Beach NH dates)

The set list had a couple of nice surprises: Shooting Shark and an encore of Black Blade, but overall it was a greatest hits set and there was nothing from the last two albums, which surprised the hell out of me. As you all know I'm lousy with set lists and song names.

Bobby's Drum solo at one of his last BOC gigs ever..

However there was a very funny incident during one of the songs. Buck was doing one of his solo's and his white "Swiss cheese" guitar just cut out!

"Swiss Cheese" Guitar

Once he figured it out, he pointed to the equipment guy which amp was not working. (I still don't know what caused the problem, the guitar never returned to the stage). However in typical Buck comic fashion he started really screwing around for the people at the front of the stage doing all sorts of silly "air guitar" things with his guitar knowing there was no sound coming out of it. On his knees, behind his back etc.

Then Eric gave him the black Cross guitar to play. I know I've never seen him play that guitar.

Black Cross Guitar

Otherwise the show was fairly standard, although full of energy. Alan played mostly guitars again, and cranked it out in his parts especially the last days of may.

Alan doing "The Last Days of May".

I snuck my digital camera into the show and these and the rest of the pictures are available on the following link:

Blue Oyster Cult Pictures

As always if you wish to save the pics to your HD feel free to do so, however please don't use them on any other website without crediting me as the photographer.
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