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Monday, September 27, 2004

Da Raida's

Well well....

After prognosticators put my Raiders down at the bottom of the barrell...

I think that Sports Frustrated said they would be lucky to be .500 by the end of the season...

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. I saw two the last three games and the end of the Pittsburgh game. They don't look like a 5 and 11 team this year. They won 3 of 4 in the preseason and are tied for first in the divsion after going 2 - 1. Now this is NOT a season. No where near a season.

But let us put Mike's fearless prognostication skills to the test for the rest of the year. Keep in mind that Gannon is out for eight weeks now. (This is not a bad thing).

Here are my predictions., remembering I may be a fan but I'm not out of my mind.

Sun 9/12 at Pittsburgh L 21-24
Sun 9/19 Buffalo W 13-10
Sun 9/26 Tampa Bay W 30-20

So we are now 2 - 1. Lets look at the rest of the Season

W-----Sun 10/3 at Houston 1:00 pm
L-----Sun 10/10 at Indianapolis 1:00 pm
L-----Sun 10/17 Denver 4:15 pm
W-----Sun 10/24 New Orleans 4:15 pm
W-----Sun 10/31 at San Diego 4:15 pm
L-----Sun 11/7 at Carolina 1:00 pm
W-----Sun 11/21 San Diego 4:05 pm
L-----Sun 11/28 at Denver 8:30 pm
W-----Sun 12/5 Kansas City 4:05 pm
L-----Sun 12/12 at Atlanta 1:00 pm
W-----Sun 12/19 Tennessee 4:15 pm
W-----Sat 12/25 at Kansas City 5:00 pm
W-----Sun 1/2 Jacksonville 4:15 pm

10 - 6 could put them in the Playoffs....

Oh dream on Mikey!! Well they should at least beat 8 - 8.

Fearless ain't I? It's all here in bits and bytes for the record. Think SI will hire me?

posted by Mike 9:31 PM


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