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Monday, September 13, 2004

First Day of Training

Mom left at 7am this morning, giving me the time to the half hour rush to get showered (!) and dressed (!) and out the door to go to work (!). First of all I took Alex to LaSalle of course, and checked in with the powers that be on the Cafeteria situation. Not being a publically funded public school, Chartwells food service is full boat, or a whopping $3.25 per lunch. Annualize that baby. So Alex will be doing the old bag lunch this year, though he will be able to eat in the cafeteria. (This is important to him).

So off to the first day of training. My co trainee is an older gentleman named Bruce, and my boss is Rob. Training started at 9:30 and we did paperwork, and then got through part of the presentation by lunch. From 1 to 3:30 we worked on more of the presentation. Tomorrow we start working the phone scrips.

The whole thing seems very well thought out and well done. I am so far very impressed with this operation, and although we are all independent contractors, there is a large amount of support comming from the local office including lead generation (cold leads mind you). This and other thing indicate that this is no fly by night (well they have been in business for 30 yrs) and is well founded.

Time will tell if it is a good fit. The only way to know is to get through the training and get out there and start selling. It's just a numbers game. Get in front of enough people to make enough sales. The two concerns I have are the front end and the back end. Front end is doing enough things to get the 10 appointments recommended for success. Back end is not knowing what size the orders will be, and what kind of income will be generated.

Las Vegas

The show not the city. Saw the season premier. Looks like another great season. Fantastic ensemble cast headed by James Caan. Don't miss it, NBC's at 9pm. Liza and I just love it.

9/13 - Please keep reading down as I have back filled or BackBlogged as I call it some previous day's activities.

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