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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Labor Day Weekend Fun.

In the ongoing quest to make Alex's life as wonderful as possible, I have finally stopped putting off painting his room. Due to L's great connections, we got a bunch (ok well a room's worth) of paint at cost. We went with such splendorific color names as Unicorn Pearl for the basic wall color, and Lady in Red, Blue Grass Meldoy and Sapphire Ring for the trim. Basically off-white, Red, Green and Blue. Basically.

So yesterday I washed down the walls with Spic and Span diluted. Then this am I spackled with dry wall compound. Then came the painting. Using a roller and two brushes, this Latex paint went on very nicely. Actually it didn't take anywhere near as long as I thought it might, about 140 min (the time of a String Cheese Incident concert I had just gotten). I painted the walls, ceiling, and tried not to paint the floor... ;-)

Tomorrow I put on the second coat, as it's latex, so it is pretty much dry now, but I decided to wait 24 hrs btw coats. Then I will do the first layer of trim, except the window, which will take a lot more work. Then Tuesday the second trim layer. At some point I need to take out the window and strip it before painting it so it doesn't stick. Also it will need to competely dry before putting it back in.

In the mean time Alex is a Guest of the household. He is sleeping in the living room downstairs on the fold out sofa sleeper. This has an air mattress. He thinks it's like camping out, so its great fun. He gets two nights at least down there.

Phone calls and emails

Had some nice communcation today with friends and loved ones. First were two congratulatory e-mails from Sunny and Laurie regarding my work situation and the smoking. Always nice to get an ata-boy. Then I had an hour long talk with MW which quite excellent, on a wide range of subjects. Last and certainly not least I picked up the phone to talk to prjt2501 today and we had a really nice conversation as well. Ah modren (sic) technolgy.

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