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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Make the move to FireFox.

I will make this short as possible. Years ago the first web browser was created by the Mozilla company. This is a non profit open source organization dedicated to the furtherance of an open web. Along comes Godzilla (Microsoft), rewrites a bit of code here and there and copyrightes it. Lo and behold you have your Internet Explorer. In fact if you look at the "about IE" in Help you will probably find the credit to Mozilla.

Anyway lets see if you qualify for using FoxFire instead of Internet Explorer: Do you use internet explorer consitently (vs Netscape); are you tired of hacking and spam fears?; if you still run windows 98 or 98se are you tired of IE just crashing?; do you find the Microsoft monopoly just too difficult to swallow?; do you have memory concerns on an old laptop finding that IE 6.0 runs way too slow?

Then you should use Firefox. Click on the logo above and download it. It is FREE. Imagine that in this world of corporate battles. It will import your bookmarks and you will find it is smooth, quick and doesn't crash. I personally like the "new tab" concept where it opens a tab in the window you are in rather than changing the window or opening a new one.

Go for it

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