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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Mom Visit

Well we spend the late morning and early afternoon doing the final Fall Cleaning touches just in time for the Emmy Unit to arrive around 5:30. Ironically the Sunny Unit called right as she walked in the door, so it was a Mom kinda moment. Sunny had found this cool job opportunity, unfortunatly it is in Keene NH, and we are just not able to relocate at this time.

So MW arrived at 5:30 and we had a nice chat, showed her Alex's new paint job and then trundled off for a late Anniversary early birthday (9/10 & 9/23) dinner at Koto Restaurant near the Airport. This is a Hibachi cooking table type Japanese restaurant. Two pictures are below.

The cook created an Onion Tower and the made it into a Volcano. Pretty cool.

MW, Alex and I had Chicken, and Liza had Shirmp and Steak Hibachi's.

These three were our table companions, the middle one had a brazillian accent, and they said there in town on business. Liza guessed a Retail meeting, I was more leaning to sales. Either way it was a nice background. (ducking)

All in all (sexist comments aside) we had a great time at Koto and would recommend it to anyone with a fat wallet. We got back and determined that MW had to go to RenssaelarVILLE not Rensaellar, so we got her to be early and did so oursleves, being that I have my first day of work/training tomorrow. Wild....
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