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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Nominally Employed

Unless something else comes up in a big way, I will begin training for an outside sales job with a company called Transworld Systems, an OSI corporate division, on Monday the 13th. Transworld was created in the the 1970's to better service bad debt collection in the banking business. They are a mulitmillion dollar company spread out over the entire US, with offices in every major region.

Now before you freak and think I'm going to be calling debtors and screaming at them I want you to go to this power point presentation it will open a fresh window in your browser. You can click on the presentation itself to page through it.

Transworld utilzes a flat rate per account program to keep the collection costs as low as possible for business'. My job is to sell this service. Pure and simple. I prospect. I set appointments. I sell. It's what I've been doing since I graduated from College.

This is one of the types of position I have been looking for over the last 6 mo. This an independent sales job, where I can work from office or home, nominally set my hours, and not be responsible for others. Since that magically perfect management job didn't appear, and because Unemployment runs out mid September, I am taking the plunge before hand.

Once training is under my belt and the work is going, this position will allow me time and financial freedom to pursue my true goal, that of teaching. It will be a long and arduous road to teacher, as there is a massive saturation of Social Studies teachers in this area. It may take learning a new area of expertise, or just working harder to find that Social Studies job. And this will take a few years.

I was raised with the notion that one's compensation package is highly personal. So I will simply say that if successful with this company, the compensation is very fair to the salesperson, and after the first two years will be quite substantial due to a generous renewal program. Of course it will take hard work to get there, but who doesn't work hard?

The fact is that (barring the last 6 mo) I have been working very hard indeed for a very long time to line the pockets of other people. Be it a Ben Merchant of the Satellite Co, a Ned Zibro of the CableShoppe, or a Rory Russell of the Security company. It's time to work hard and create compensation suitable for my sales talents, and see it line the pockets of my family.

Being employed and working again will do wonders for my sence of purpose, the mindset of myself and the family, and help me stay focused for the next stage in my life.

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Two weeks today

It has now been two weeks since I put out my last cigarette half way through the butt, took 3/4 of a pack out of the box and crushed them in my hands, and said fuck it I'm just not doing this anymore.

The Cravings are mostly gone thank god. Though periodically they do come back at weird times. Since the night I quit, I have not had one of my periodic, I cannot fall asleep evenings. This would be when I would lay in bed and twitch for no apparent reason. There seemed no cause and effect to this, I thought it was caffene, or my hip, or the herbs I take, but nothing seemed to be scientifically consistent. Lo and behold it must have been the nicotene.

I didn't expect the tintinitus to go away, but I didn't expect it to get louder either, so go figure. It is worst when I am tired, so maybe it is fatigue related.

So anyway, 14 days, cold turkey. No Patch. No gum. No hypnosis. Just the Pachyderm CT method, being strong as a Bull Elephant and going cold turkey.

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