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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The RNC Day Three

As I thought it would be, today was a difficult pill to listen to. Admittedly I only caught the last hour of the convention. Unfortunately the first speaker was Zel Miller. Look I don't mind that this guy has an opinion on John Kerry. This is America, we all have our opinions. But he is no Democrat. He is a turncoat. "He is offended by how cynical, narrow minded and partisan the Democrats in Washington are. Everything he believed about his party was "destroyed" when he came to Washington." (This all direct quotes from his good friend Newt Gingrich).

So his response is to go to the other party's convention and slag off his own party in a cynical, narrow minded and partisan way. Way to go keep up the Moral High Ground Zel. Dear Senator Miller, we don't want you. Go be a Republican. Thanks. You are welcome to your opinions, but they do not reflect the Democratic Party.

I did not get a chance to pick out the lies from Dick Cheny's speech. Most of the non parisan analysts including Brooks and Shields said both speakers (bent or twisted) the truth (depending upon who was giving their opinion). I would have to analyze it from the text, and I'm not sure I have the inclination or the time. It sounded pleasant enough from the snippets that I heard, and he is such a hatchet man in how he sounds so sincere.

These people so believe in the lies and twists of the facts. However I must agree with the talking heads. Where is the plan for the future. The Dems, like their ideas or not, have it in droves. Every speech is full of their ideas for the next four years. Where are the Republican ideas?

However the reality is that Kerry has some problems he needs to address. He needs to clarify the reasons for the votes that he is being called to the wood shed for. He has good reasons for his votes. Say them! Be honest with the American People.

It goes with the same line of reasoning I've been arguing regarding the term Liberal. Embrace it! "YES I'M A LIBERAL AND I'M PROUD OF IT! And here are the all the great things that the Progressive Liberal Tradition has accomplished over the last 75 years...."

Be a man Kerry. Be proud of who you are, what you say now, what you said and did 10, 15 and 20 yrs ago. You didn't call all service men war criminals in Vietnam, the news clips clearly show you saying that there were atrocities being committed. This is a known fact of history now.

If you voted against a particular bill, or appropriation, tell us why. Was it because some fat cat Republican had put a pork barrel spending clause on the bill? Probably! So tell us these things. Don't do a Mike Dukakus and go down in a swirl of Republican lies and innuendo.
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