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Thursday, September 16, 2004


Its a sign that you should go see a concert. Picked up my coffee and a NYTimes at the Mobil Station near the office. They guy said I could get a Albany Times Union instead for free with the coffee. I said I dont READ the Times Union, but I'd take it any way as One it was free and Two I could give it to someone at the office. Lo and Behold in the Preview Section, whilst checking on the BOC show for next Friday, I discovered that one of my fave new bands Sound Tribe Sector Nine was playing TONIGHT at Northern Lights.

So I went. GREAT show. Danced my ass off.

Few observations. No question the youngest Jam band crowd I had seen. This was definitely the High School and College Crowd. Now you must understand that STS9 is not pop music. It is very complicated, Jazz, Funky, Urban instrumental Jam music. I was one of the very few people there who were over 40. Maybe one of 5 that I saw. The first stares in line were "what the hell is that old guy doing here". I spent the first set in the back getting in the groove. Spent the second set right up front dancing. This generated the second set of stares "Hey that old dude can really dance". Well at least keep up.

The stage was amazing. They have a central spot with huge Quarz crystals and flowers. Then there is a guy sitting during the entire performance making a painting. Great light show as well.

I know I'll be sore tomorrow but what the hell you only go around once in life. I did get a STS9 hat and replaced the sticker I had lost in a car wash last year.
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