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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Three years today

I was working for the CableShoppe when the jets hit the Twin Towers. I saw the second one hit Live so to speak. Just horrid. Same with the falling towers, saw the second one go down live, the first happened when I was back at my desk.

Its been a long three years. Last year I asked if we were any safer. This year I'm not going to do this, because the answer is really not negotiable to anyone in America. Half of the US thinks we are, the other half thinks we are not. The one half will not agree with the other no matter what is said. This country is sick and divided, and neither political party are helping. We are along way from recovery and are not even on the right path to get there.

So instead we should remember the thousands killed in the Twin Tower tragedy.

And remember the thousands of Irish killed in sectarian terrorist activities in Northern Ireland.

And remember the thousands of Spaniards and French killed in Basque sepratist terrorist activities.

And remember the thousands of Israelis and Palestinians killed in that massive fiasco called a country.

And remember the thousands of other nameless faceless citizens of this planet whose candles have been snuffed out in the name of some cause de jour, all because they were in the wrong place and the wrong time, and because some mad person had the means, arms or abilities to kill them.

And mostly remember that we are not the first nor will be the last country to have our citizens killed in some mad person's violent campaign to have his or her religion or social cause recognized by the rest of the world. 9/11/2001 welcomed the US to the rest of the world, and woke us up from our little American Dream that we are safe and isolated.

In the end, you can go stomping on all the terrorist cells you want, but more will just pop up. Without addressing the root of the reason for these activities, there will never be an end to the violence. So we can be reactive, but we should be proactive as well.
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