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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Well what do you expect I'm going to say....

I seriously thought about writing a piece yesterday mimicking all the absurd platitudes that the talking heads will be saying the next few days about the debates. Then the Daily Show trumped me last night, so I guess "Great Mind's Think Alike".

My point being that in this era of sound bites, and style over substance, what the candidates fully said tonight will buried by the talking heads. I don't believe that most American's make up their own minds on things. At least not the ones I talk to. Instead they speak in the same talking points they hear on Fox, or CNN, or MSNBC etc etc.

And just because I find them so offensive, I tuned in Fox News cable to see the reaction from the Right. Their well-balanced staff included such "moderates" as Billy Krystal and Fred Barnes. Unsurprisingly these mouthpieces just filled in what the President had kind of "left out" of his talk.

As for my opinion, I don't think this was the home run that either camp was hoping for. This really depends upon what you want in a President. Both came across as very well spoken and had a good grip of the facts (as they saw them). Kerry I believe clarified some issues that the Bush administration has muddied in their mud slinging. Bush I believe showed once again that his "moral compass" was strong and moving along in the exact same direction as it was always. Kerry came across to me as an intelligent and well thought out person who could handle a crisis and give direction to his policies. Bush came across as an everyman who believes strongly in certain things and stands by what he says.

For me personally I would prefer a President who is capable of changing course as the facts change or evolve. For some this is called flip flopping or waffling, and they are welcome to their opinion. I respect the Man that GWB is, but I personally don't want someone who when faced with changing facts, solidly keeps on the path he started. Some call this a "moral compass". I call it stubborn and thick.

I am also hoping that the American people have heard enough of the underestimation of Bush's abilities to debate have been shown to be just more spin by the Republicans. The President debates well, he has a style that many parts of America likes, and a good grasp of the facts as he sees them. I think both men did very well, and I do not believe that this particular debate will change things that much. My hope is that it will bring this election back to a horse race.

I don't think, however, it won't matter in the end. No fact will matter.The facts are not important anymore in this country.The American public, in their inestimatable ability to make up their own minds, will return this President for four more years. And there is nothing that Kerry can do about it at this point.

Not a damn thing.
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