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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Big Life Changes

Oh where do I start....

I want to Teach. How is that for a start?

I want to write. There isn't that better. I got the two biggest issues out on the table for all to see.

How do I get there and what is the road map are of course the questions raised by the two innocuous statements above.

In order to teach in this state, and in most states, I need to go through a rigorous vetting process called credentialing. This state is actually one of the toughest, but with the "No child left behind" program in it's under funded state, the reality is that all states will have tougher requirements for teachers.

In order to teach then I need to go back to school. This of course requires an income, which I do not have right now. WE have an income, I just don't have one, so I guess you could say L has an income and I am a kept Man... Well don't say that but you get the idea.

In order to go back to school I need a job or jobs that allow me to make enough money to pay the bills and any new tuition needs. There in lies the real heart of the matter.

Turns out my clever new job isn't going so well. This is partly my fault, some of which, if I choose to, I can rectify, and some fault partly lies in the hands of my manager whom has not been the most "teaching" oriented chap. Though he is a real stand up person whom I do like, he has his own income to concern himself with as a producing manager.

So the logical train of thought, and I think I'm being fairly concise here, (Verbose but Concise) (Is that an oxymoron?), is: Do I have the time to fix what's wrong in my assumptions about my new job, knuckle under and do the things I need to, and survive the time period till my income is significant. (In this case this line is simply making enough to match what unemployment was giving me).

The quick answer is NO. So this brings out three possible courses of action. First is to get another job, a day job, a well paying day job. As if that is going to just appear after 6 mo of looking.

However like many American's trying to replace a decent income in the Bush Economy, there is always the possibility of TWO jobs. Day job, and evening job, more specifically, unpredictably underpaying job, and predictably underpaying job. So..... second and more realistic is to keep the present day job and supplement my income. Third (also more realistic to scenario one) is to scrap the day job and find one or more underpaying jobs.

To that end, I have applied to (don't flip) a few Retail operations in the electronics and literary sectors for evening/seasonal work. This covers scenario two and three in the predictably underpaying job. For the unpredictably underpaying job, to cover the possibility of scenario three, I have FINALLY gotten off my tushy and am getting the two big School Districts around here to send me the paperwork needed to become a Substitute. Last but not least, if I do take scenario three, I will also get registered with a temp agency.

God this is getting way too long.

Ok TOMORROW (or some reasonable facsimile of tomorrow aka "the day after that") Chapter Two. How do I squeeze in going back to school? That will be ABOVE this piece.

Please see the Blog BELOW this one for the writing piece. It will be short I assure you.

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