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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Fun with Computers

So in January of this year I did my semi annual reformatting of my hard drive. Problem was I grabbed the wrong W98 disc and inadvertently put W98 not W98se on my computer.

Not too clever.

So I always knew that this year some time I would have to do it again. In discussions with Brother Greg, he suggested that I could alleviate my blue screen problems by going to Windows 2000 in my next HD scrub. He suggested also that it just ran a hell of a lot better due to drives being formatted NTSD or something instead of FAT 32.

So finally I got him to send me a copy, I backed everything up and took the plunge today. Contrary to his advice however, I did an "upgrade" instead of a new install because a) it said I would be able to keep my other programs and b) it would change my drive to NTSD or whatever its call.

So let me tell you W2000 is sweet. It runs so nice, its clean looking and has a lot of great bells and whistles.

However it’s also very complicated, and I spent most of today trying to get it to talk to the internet. The best Road Runner could come up with was that my NIC card didn't have the right drivers. We even tried going USB with my modem but no go. So not being able to get online was definitely not a good thing. Finally I decided I was not going to spend the next few days trying to figure out why.

So I tried to go backwards. As they say in the Military, NO JOY. Tried various different methods of attempting to reformat the "C" drive back to FAT 32. NO JOY. So then I was going to just get my "D" drive up and running on W98se.

It gets better. I lost my C drive completely in going back and forth with the drives. Toast. Not Toast.

Sooooo I'm down one 6 gig HD (the other one is a 30) and back on W98, however it's second edition. Also by putting the operating system on the newer drive that is 7200mps my system is definitely running faster. Other than the aggravation, the damage from the process is just that 6gig HD. It was old and moldy anyway
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