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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

On to November!

Finally the debates are over. I watched all three, well all four if you include Darth Vader and the Breck Girl.

I'm glad they are over, because it means that we are less than four weeks away from ending this long march.

Unlike the last two debates however I did not take notes as they were broadcasting. So this is mostly off the cuff thoughts. And not many of them.

First kudo's again to the President for ceasing this absurd game he plays of trying to be "everyman" and sound dumb. He may have a problem with "intellectuals" but he is no idiot. The man went to Yale for god’s sake. YES it would have been lovely for the Democrats if he played stupid for all three debates like he did in the first. But he didn't, and if he wins the election I for one will be glad to know there is some glimmering of intelligence behind that face.

Kerry came across again as cool and poised. He marshaled the facts well as the pundits said he would. He had snappy answers to the points that Bush made. He laid out concrete plans for his Presidency, except for his answer regarding social security, that made sense, regardless of the fiscal analysis (which I leave to the experts.)

One liner takeaway was Kerry's Soprano reference. Bush talking about Fiscal Responsibility is like Tony Soprano talking about Law and Order. What a hoot. Look regardless of which Aisle you stand on one thing is clear, this Administration has been a big spender. This has bugged all fiscal conservatives, whether they are Democrats or Republicans.

The two Candidates gave a clear choice to the American People as to what type of road they want to go down for the next four years domestically. One choice is four more years of the same policies, perhaps allowing these domestic economic policies to come to fruition. The other is an interesting union of New Democratic Clintonian ideals and older more traditional Democratic ideals.

There is no question that the debates did Kerry a world of good. Just as a baseball season isn't over until you play all 164 games, this election did need to go through all 6 games (the two conventions and the four debates). I think the bounce that Bush got out of his Convention did Kerry a world of good. In reading about Kerry one learns that he does best as an underdog. So spending the month of September behind was energizing for him. But now all the events are done and we are back to a neck and neck race.

In the end, to sound completely repetitious and much too dark for my liberal friends, I don't think Bush will loose this election. I choose those words carefully, this was always Bush's election to win or loose.

According to NBC its down to three freakin states: Fla, Ohio and PA. Win two of the three and you win the election. Florida = Jeb Bush and voting machines run by a deeply conservative company that supports the Bushies. Ohio = A Republican Sec of State that covets the limelight that Kathleen Harrison got in 2000. PA = The Bushies are walking away from that state. Net outcome = "four more years".

America - Prove I'm wrong.. Please....
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