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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

One Week left to decide a Nation

I am burnt on this one. Toast. Put a fork in me.

I can't bear to watch the news, to hear one or the other candidate blather on and on about their "message".

If I have to hear Monkey boy say "You can run but you cannot hide" I think I will Puke.

If I have to hear ol Granite Face drone on and on anymore about some arcane bit of economic theory I think I will faint.

I wonder how the people in the swing states are holding up. Heck the only ads we get are the local races and an apparently unopposed run by Sen Schumer.

And in one week, the only thing we will know is where the Democrat and Republican Lawyers are going to be for the next who knows how long till the courts decide this election.

Delicious irony though if Bush wins the popular vote but looses the electoral college. Don't ya think?
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