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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Ah the weekend

My heels hurt. I worked 25 hrs this weekend, busy days except for Sunday evening where the last hour was completely dead. Sold a cell phone today though, and the bonus on that made the day worth it. All these things become very unimportant though in the light of what also occurred today.

When I was checking my email via Yahoo online, I found a disturbing e-Mail from my Dad alluding to my brother being in the hospital. Apparently Andrewski had the worst of these very bad days he has been having and decided to admit himself to the hospital, before he did any harm to himself.

So Dad is off to Europe to be with Andrewski. I had a informational conversation with Greg and MW during my break at work so I'm pretty up to speed.

I am very impressed with the way Dad has stepped up to the plate so to speak with Andrewki's situation. I am not, however, surprised. Dad and I have had a very good relationship for quite a few years now, and his action of dropping everything and going to see Andrewski is not at all surprising to me.

I'll be calling Andrewski tomorrow on his cell phone to chat with him.
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