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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

America has spoken

I guess it will take four more years of body bags, endless war, rapine and pillage of our economy by the rich and powerful for the American populace to realize what is being done to this great country.

No way Kerry wins Ohio, 100% of the votes are already cast and Bush got 51%. I don't see how "provisional balloting" is going to change this.

More disturbing was the loss of 3 to 5 senate seats and a quite a few house seats to the Republicans as well.

This country is officially a one party country as of today, with people like Tom Delay in power in the house, and people like Tom Dashle out in the Senate, the Republicans will force thier conservative christian right wing agenda upon 100% of the American People.

I'm not sure I feel worse for Democrats like myself or Republicans like my Dad. Although this is a crushing disappointment for 48% of Americans, the real blow is to the moderates in the Republican Party as this is a vindiacation for the Radical Right wing of that party. It says to them, what you are doing is sanctioned by the Majority of the American Public.

Tax cut and spend like the dickens, it's OK!
Give Corporate Tax Breaks, its OK!
Wage war on any Country that disagree's with US, its OK!
Ignore hard science regarding Global Warming, its OK!
Turn back the clock on Womens Rights, its OK!
Allow Big Business to pillage the Environment, its OK!

Although this election will cause great disruption in the DNC for some time, it will come out stronger and more united by the outrageous things that this Administration will do in the next four years. In the interim it is time to fire the leader of the DNC and get some new blood in there. It is also time to re invograte the New Democrat wing of this party.

For the few remaining moderates in the Rebulican Party, the "Rockefeller Republicans" I pity you the most. Marginalized and swept aside by this election.
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