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Friday, November 12, 2004

Radio Daze

Ok so I got the "night" job. Radio Shack of all places. A place for my inner geek to go and get paid. I urge you if you are friend or family, shop at the Colonie Center RadioShack! Better yet go when I'm there so I get the commissions....

Yea greedy but why give your business to a stranger??

I spent today, and I mean ALL of today (10 t0 930) doing in store training. Watching videos, reading corporate propaganda, and taking online tests. I took 7, of which none scored lower than a 93%. So I'm doing pretty good.

Today was the last day of the pay period so I will actually get a check next week. I'm allowed 32 hrs a week till "Black Friday" then I can go to 40 if I want (I think). Then after Christmas I either get the ax as a seasonal or get asked to stay on. Well we will see.

In addition this week:

I got registered with the temp agencies, and got the paper work from Albany School District to apply for Substitute. The mandarin at Troy has failed two attempts now to send me the paperwork. I'll keep trying.

So I'll be on Tues through Fri next week, plus 11 to 6 on Sunday. Monday Off.

Now cut ties with TSI or not? The 64k quesion at this point.
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